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Financial Organization Workbook for Divorce
Lee D. Sanderson, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, MST

The first and possibly the most important financial strategy is to begin organizing your financial information properly early in the process. By gathering and listing certain information, you will quickly gain a better picture of your financial world and instantly be able to evaluate many areas.

The workbook includes many of the schedules included in Financial Strategy for Divorce and additional schedules organized in a format that results in a concise and efficient package to present to your lawyer, or to show to a potential lawyer, allowing them to better assess your situation.

The schedules included in the workbook include:

1. Personal Information Sheet for Divorce

2. Summary Financial Information from Worksheets

3. Asset Organization Worksheet

4. Missing Information Worksheet for Assets

5. Debt Organization Worksheet

6. Missing Information Worksheet for Debts

7. Property Division Worksheet

8. Income Worksheet

9. Income Worksheet for Spouse

10.Expense Worksheet

11.Worksheet for Estimating Divorce Expenses

I have created the Financial Organization Workbook for Divorce based upon my experience working with divorce attorneys. Upon completion, it can be presented to an attorney to give the attorney a comprehensive picture of your finances helping you to save time and money right away.

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"With this book, I was able to interview lawyers with confidence. Loved the section with questions to ask attorneys!"

"After reading this book, I felt much more empowered going into my lawyers office."

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